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From space, planet Earth looks like a beautiful jewel and yet there are some people hellbent on destroying it and the rest of humanity.

Like so many others I sincerely believe that every one of us can make a difference and help create a better world. There is already so much more good being done than we hear about. After all, the mainstream media makes money giving out fake news!

We already have all the tools and resources, we just need to know how to use them.  That's our real purpose on Earth.  What will be your role?

I started this Project in 2006 after watching The Secret.  The film made me realise that humans could create paradise using our thoughts - by visualising the kind of world we would like to live in.  No wars, plenty of food for everyone, fresh air, clean water, love and peace and problems dealt with humanely.

Since 2006 I found many like-minded people around the world and created a website to showcase their ideas.  However, in 2018 I put my websites "on hold" because there was too much work for just one person.

Recently, I came across a man called King John Smarty ( after seeing him in an interview with Nicholas Vienamin.  I watched one of KJS's Jedi Sessions on YouTube and I was hooked.  I learnt how to set up a necklace to act as a pendulum and things took off from there.  I, like many others, think KJS is a very special person who is dedicated to healing people and this planet.  He trains people how to use his holograms and the pendulum to heal others and deal with all the problems we face on earth.

For me, this man seems capable of making not only mine, but everyone else's dreams come true - life on a paradise earth.  Check him out and see what you think.      

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