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Paradise is not free. It must be created and defended. If you truly want to live in it, we really need your help. Don’t just talk the talk. The world is full of people who say “do as I say”, but they do nothing tangible. Walk the walk… and Change the World - Sam Van Leer

The Mission of the Urban Paradise Guild

Our mission is to re-create native habitats in the Urban areas of Miami-Dade County, and to promote sustainable models for healthy living that safeguard, enhance and integrate the human and natural worlds for the benefit of both. Urban gardening and fruit trees are examples of the plant habitats that sustain humans. We do this too, because how can a place be Urban Paradise without great fruits & vegetables?

President & Founder - Sam Van Leer
Urban Paradise Guild

Creating Paradise on Earth by Brent Johnson

In Plato’s Republic, the author-philosopher put forth the proposition that the character demonstrated by the rulers of a society would trickle down and become inherent in the general population of a society. In other words, a social system based on good principles and values would generate serenity and happiness among the people.  

Unfortunately for us all, the entire world has lost sight of this simple concept: that your society is defined by those things you value most.  In most if not all societies around the world, people value money, position and power over values like truth, justice, honor and freedom. That is why there is so much injustice and greed around the world. Most people are more concerned about what they can get for themselves than what they can do to support others. In any given interaction, people are more prone to ask, “What do I get out of it?” than to consider, “How can I support you?”... more

GESARA/NESARA: Draining the swamp : monetary and fiscal policy

The acronym NESARA stands for "National Economic Security and Reformation Act." The Act was passed by the American Congress in the year 2000 and never proclaimed, for reasons we will touch upon shortly. As a program, NESARA can be viewed from several perspectives...more

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