Check everything and then make up your mind

Most people seem to be at least somewhat concerned about a variety of issues, whether those are political, social, philosophical or scientific in nature. I suspect that the two most common concerns of individuals today would be either safety (especially economic security) and/or happiness (especially through relationships with others). While these issues appear very different on the surface they both really boil down to concern for one's own well-being.

In this context, it is rather easy to see why people are not exactly living in a paradise on Earth. There are many issues that seem to be prevalent throughout the world today, such as war and crime (with all of its associated problems) and also various health concerns, both physical and mental. With respect to these two categories I believe there is some truth in the adage 'You can't have your cake and eat it too' – there will always be trade-offs with regards to safety/happiness...more

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