Check everything and then make up your mind

By Susannah Kaye

I decided to do a bit of research on Google to find out who else was on the same wavelength as me and was doing something about “Creating Paradise” on earth.

I came across the website It is run by Marty Murray who, whilst working on solving some life problems and healing himself, read that he shouldask himself ‘What would I do if I didn’t have to worry about financial issues?’

The answer came to him as he looked out of the window into his backyard. Why, he would get the place cleaned up - so this is what he got to work doing. As part of putting this into action, he created his website. Since then he has helped people heal by using tactics to solve all kinds of problems and to coach to health people experiencing any disease you can think of. According to Marty, the more severe health problems such as ALS – Stephen Hawkins, being the most well-know sufferer of this illness, can also be solved this way. His website lists many more.

People have the amazing ability to heal themselves. The trouble is that most of us have come to rely on others and medications to cure our ailments instead of dealing with our attitudes and emotions.

Marty says, ‘One obvious way is that by changing your outer ways, you will change your cellular ways. He who reacts negatively to others has cells that react negatively to each other’.

Another way he helps people is with resolving conflicts. After all, he says ‘If all the maniacs on earth were actually to meet in Paradise how is that going to be so great? So we need to create it (paradise) here’. One of the ways of doing that is by learning to deal with conflict.

This made me remember the quote ‘As Within, So Without’ which was made by Hermessianex, a Greek poet who lived about 300 years before Christ. There is very little other information about him but the saying has been used to explain that whatever is going on inside of us manifests through our body and outside – even in our environment. Simply, we become what we think about.

My work under the project ‘Residents Associations in the UK’, made me concerned about the housing problem in this country. The fact that Marty started clearing up his backyard made me think about the areas where we live and it struck me that most of the run down areas of our country reflect the run down people living in them. Those suffering with low self-esteem, lack of hope, poverty.

Even those with money to rent privately or buy their property can run into trouble. They want to live in a good, clean area. They will spend money decorating and buying things for the home, but neglect themselves and their thoughts. They may end up with a lovely home, sometimes temporarily, but divorced or with ill health. Somehow, whatever they are inside manifests outside.

The cutbacks being made by the UK government should make us think very carefully about our own priorities – it’s a great time of change for all of us. For if we are serious about creating paradise on earth, we really need to start thinking about our thoughts and attitudes. Thus, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’ has a much deeper meaning.

If a neighbourhood is suffering from thefts and other crimes – is it perhaps because the residents are struggling somehow, maybe with debt and meeting their monthly payments? I had always assumed that it was because it was a “rich” area but crimes are committed in poorer areas too. Is the Law of Attraction working then, that the residents of the area are attracting thieves or muggings perhaps?

This theory may seem far-fetched first of all but when you get to understand Universal Laws, then you understand your thoughts and how these manifest in your life and surroundings.

I don’t believe that “paradise” will be where everyone lives perfectly and happily ever after. I do believe that whatever problems arise, we will be able to deal with them with love, honesty and maturity.

The Universal Law of Opposites means just that. In-out, black – white, good – bad, up –down, and so forth. A life without problems would be a life without understanding oneself or others, without experience and growth.

To be perfect means to have a perfect mind and body – that is the only way we can live in harmony. As we change our thoughts and attitudes, our bodies will heal. As we heal mentally and physically, we will react to life’s ups and downs without stress and anger. As we change what is within, we will create paradise in our neighborhoods and our world.

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