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Community First Responders

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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” Confucius
Where would ANY country be without its Residents?

Happy residents make a happy country but it amazes me how much bullies, whether individuals, governments, corporations or any other group can make life so miserable and stressful particularly when making and keeping money is more important than people.

It's particularly distressing when staff working in government departments (paid for by tax payers) give wrong information and are condescending to recipients of benefits (also paid for by tax payers) causing them unnecessary stress and financial difficulties.  Many blame the reliance on computers rather than brains for mistakes.  Where do we go for accountability?

What makes a good residents' association?

A good residents' association is often a group of tenacious people - they get things done and meet regularly to discuss housing, community or environmental matters affecting their block of flats, estate or houses.  They also share information, knowledge and skills.  We need to learn from the older generation instead of dismissing them because the current generation of leaders (worldwide) are making such a mess of life on this planet.  People's needs for living take lower precedence and  instead fighting over control of land and resources takes priority.

We need to remember is that ALL are residents collectively and should, therefore, include anyone - regardless of whether they rent or own their home. The main thing is that residents endeavour to work together to improve the physical conditions of where they live, campaign for better facilities or create or improve the sense of community in their area.

What affects one person (or several) can affect everyone in the block or area
- at the same time - what better way to get to know the people around you, whether it is to interact socially or prevent crimes and anti-social behaviour.  
If we prefer to shut ourselves away and have less involvement in our immediate communities, everyone will suffer in the end.

 *** LATEST NEWS - February 2015 ***

Is this the way all retirement
homes should be run? 

When the firm running Woodchester village went bust, the Residents' Association took charge...

  • Woodchester is thought to be Britain's only mutually run ­retirement community 
  • Village is run by its elderly residents, for the residents
  • All profit is used to cut the ­service charge or make improvements - that’s why some areas seem so plush

"Action for Community & Environment" is an environmental charity which creates pro-environmental behaviour change, supports communities to take action in their local area, and works with businesses to adopt best practice in environmental sustainability. 

Currently, they are working on the “Sustainable Communities” project, engaging with communities (residents, through housing associations) to reduce their energy consumption and food waste, with the final aim of becoming a more sustainable community and save some money every month just following their easy tips. 

They do so by interactive and informal sessions, fitting in the already existing schedules of the housing associations meetings or assemblies. And everything, free of charge. 

If you are interested in joining them just email dora@ace.org.uk or michelle@ace.org, or call to their office on 0207 324 4642 to find out more.  The website is www.ace.org.uk, and also you can find their Facebook and Twitter accounts on their leaflet

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