If you are a tenant or leaseholder of A2D join their Campaign on 38degrees

Community First Responders

Community First Responders, is a part of South Central Ambulance Foundation Trust which covers Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire...more

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” Confucius

At last, we managed to get PayPal on this site - do come and join GSB and make a difference to people in your community!

What makes a good residents'


A good residents' association is often a group of tenacious people - they get things done and meet regularly to discuss housing, community or environmental matters affecting their block of flats, estate or houses.  They also share information, knowledge and skills.  

Regardless of whether someone rents or owns their home, the most important thing is that people endeavour to work together to improve the physical conditions of where they live, campaign for better facilities and improve the sense of community in their area.

What affects one person (or several) can affect everyone in the block or area.  At the same time, what better way to get to know the people around you, whether it is to interact socially or prevent crimes and anti-social behaviour.   If we prefer to shut ourselves away and have less involvement in our immediate communities, everyone will suffer in the end. It was interesting to see how Sarah Beeny dealt with the different personalities in her series, Streets Ahead on Channel 4.


 September 2015 


Ruth Stokes, author of ‘The Armchair Activist’s Handbook’ and former guest speaker at one of NatCAN's national conferences, will present a webinar ‘Connecting To Make a Difference’, 7.30pm Thursday September 3rd - try to log on 5 minutes early please. click here


see also Where has the Human Connection Gone?

A fast-growing family run group campaigning on behalf of London Black Taxi drivers who are experiencing problems which have been instigated by TfL’s irresponsible issuing for Private Hire Licences.

They have found that not only the Black Taxi trade are being affected, but local residents due to minicabs parking in Resident bays waiting for their apps to alert them to a new job.   This group has also noticed many out of London mini cabs are also joining this trend, which then obviously affects local residents.

This group would particularly like to hear from Residents’ Associations in London who would like to join them and give more power to their cause. 

For more information see their Petition


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Farming in the UK

I wish something like this could be implemented
in the UK although I don't necessarily agree with the use of the word Communism, co-operation is the example
A City Where Everyone Works, There Is No Police, And The Salary Is 1200 Euros

With virtually no police, crime or unemployment, meet the Spanish town described as a democratic, socialist utopia.  Unemployment is non-existent in Marinaleda, an Andalusian village in southern Spain that is prosperous thanks to its farming cooperative... more

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Tenancy Deposit Protection

If there’s a dispute over a deposit

Your tenancy deposit protection (TDP) scheme offers a free dispute resolution service if you disagree with your landlord about how much deposit should be returned.  You don’t have to use the service but if you do, both you and the landlord have to agree to it. You’ll both be asked to provide evidence, and the decision made about your deposit will be final.

If you can’t contact the landlord
You can ‘raise a dispute’ to get your deposit back if you can’t contact your landlord and your deposit is held by one of the approved TDP schemes... more

Is this the way all retirement

homes should be run? 

When the firm running Woodchester village went bust, the Residents' Association took charge...

  • Woodchester is thought to be Britain's only mutually run ­retirement community 
  • Village is run by its elderly residents, for the residents
  • All profit is used to cut the ­service charge or make improvements - that’s why some areas seem so plush

"Action for Community & Environment" is an environmental charity which creates pro-environmental behaviour change, supports communities to take action in their local area, and works with businesses to adopt best practice in environmental sustainability. 

Currently, they are working on the “Sustainable Communities” project, engaging with communities (residents, through housing associations) to reduce their energy consumption and food waste, with the final aim of becoming a more sustainable community and save some money every month just following their easy tips. 

They do so by interactive and informal sessions, fitting in the already existing schedules of the housing associations meetings or assemblies. And everything, free of charge. 

If you are interested in joining them just email dora@ace.org.uk or michelle@ace.org, or call to their office on 0207 324 4642 to find out more.  The website is www.ace.org.uk, and also you can find their Facebook and Twitter accounts on their leaflet

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